Book of Joys: Spirit

For Kevin

We were nestled in bucket
seats, summer I think, when
you asked me
about a friend – we’ll
call him pseudonym.
You were trying to discover gnosis,
and how to get from here to there.
It made me think for a few minutes, till
I asked if you were half a man:
and oh the cat was out of the bag.
Of course not, you said, irony in
both hands.
But, I told you, there’s a two
organs to our metaphor: you’re trying
to carry a camel over dunes to oasis.
Okay, came the reply, but how
to change rhythms?
It isn’t obvious. Yeah.
But that’s what these systems are all about
(I said before realising I was
making things too complicated).
That’s the rub, I added a few minutes later.
You can’t. Not really.