God, Can I Thank You

I hung out with my sister today, and whilst doing so, wrote this song. Originally it was going to have violin in it, but hey, violin is not an easy instrument to play.

The song itself is a reflection on the scripture that says, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” Which I think, in my quest to become a better child of his, is the only way to avoid becoming resentful.

God, Can I Thank You [MP3]
God, Can I Thank You [Ogg]

The lyrics are as follows:

God, can I thank you for the glass between my toes?
Lord, can I thank you for the way these muscles burn as they grow?

God, can I thank you for the way you break these bones?
Oh, how they’re aching like they have ever since you brought me home.

God, can I ask you for something, if I may?
Oh, I don’t deserve it, but I’ll ask you for this favour anyway.

Lord, if you’ve got time, could you catch this thing I throw?
Keep it in your hands; it’s so precious to me, but I think you know.

God, can I thank you for the things you take away?
Oh, I am learning how to live under your scalpel every day.

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