Heat Death

One day I will die,
and one day you will die,
and one day everyone we know will die,
and we will all be buried or burned,
and friends and relatives will visit,
and friends and relatives will stop visiting,
and the graves will be abandoned,
and the crypts will not be kept,
and long grass will grow,
and trees,
and the sun will grow brighter,
and the atmosphere will boil away,
and the oceans will dissolve into space,
and rocks will burn,
and the traces of everything will disappear,
and a supernova may,
and a black hole may,
and the universe will wind down,
and heat itself will die,

but until then
we should take out the garbage,
we should clean out the kitchen,
we should cook dinner,
we should make coffee,
and not worry so much
about the billions that
come after.