2 thoughts on “Why Should the Fire Die?

  1. Hi, I really liked this song, it works especially well with the phasing trick you’ve done with your voice. I think you should develop it more – needs to be a bit longer. Your piano playing’s not bad either. I wasn’t so sure about the other song you recorded further down your blog. Your voice is a bit too low in the mix for my taste. I like to hear the words otherwise why have a song :-)

    I’m a bit of a musician too, check out http://www.bursledonvillageband.co.uk

    Anyway I’m after a favour. At some stage you published a picture of someone cleaning a violin, I found it on google. I’m in the process of developing a web site to sell violins (hopefully – haven’t sold any yet ) and I need an image to help liven up a page about looking after your violin. Would you mind if I used this one, it’s perfect in that you can’t actually see who it is that is cleaning the violin but it does say “I’m cleaning a violin”.
    Cheers Dave

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