Indie rock is the new punk.

Ever find yourself drawn to a particular style of music? Don’t know what it is, I just love jangly indie rock – if it’s got excessive cymbal work, if it’s danceable, if it’s fast, I fall in love with it despite my better judgement. I can’t help myself! For instance Boy Kill Boy isn’t exactly art at its finest – I just like their music. Indie rock these days is like the new punk, just with more hipster flourishes and people who can actually play instruments; it’s all about energy, dancing, getting sweaty, just plain old enjoying yourself.

Much better than the hipster days of old, when the boys and girls were afraid to get their square-toed leather scuffed. This I can get on board with.

6 thoughts on “Indie rock is the new punk.

  1. I fully expect them to read every word on this blog, honey. It’s no secret that my music makes el hips o thunder swing :)


  2. I can listen to everything but I find myself drawn to music with a heavy, brooding guitar. Not excessively LOUD but brooding, something driving the beat whether it be subtle or full-blown and epic that the song is structured around.

    Oh hipsters, my friends & I have many-a wasted hours of fun accusing each other of hipster-dom.

  3. Give me some band names here! Are we talking brooding like Tool, or brooding like Underoath, or brooding like Godspeed You! Black Emperor?

    (Is being a hipster really so bad? :)


  4. Nothing wrong with hipsters! [I think] Just that my friends & I are the furthest things from hip or cool :P

    Well, from that list I suppose the closest would be Tool although I’m admittedly not a huge fan of their music. Underoath is a little bit too scream-o for me and I’ve only heard two songs by Godspeed You! etc etc…but for a short list of some bands:

    Muse [as always, my eternal favourite]
    Editors/Interpol [these two are interchangeable at times]
    Stirling [for some local flavour]

  5. I don’t like Muse that much; it’s odd you should mention Interpol/Editors – I got Interpol’s “Antics” first and loved it to death, and then heard Editors and was like, what’s going on here? As for GY!BE… oh my. Take a few hours to listen to “Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven”. Has to be one of the most rewarding symphonic post-rock albums ever. And brooding :)


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