Oh, she’s a cutie!

And who’s that cutie in the middle? Heh.

dan (is making enemies)

22 thoughts on “Oh, she’s a cutie!

  1. That there, is the Marriage Councelling group of the greater Hamilton area. LOL.. It’s a group of us who do Biblestudy together.. and then council the poor girls who are getting married.

  2. Roger… they are ladies that I know. Front to back, left to right they are:

    Tammy, Marlene, Laura, Michelle,
    Sarah, Candice, Justine

    dan (good old friends, one and all)

  3. Ladies.. lol.. they might be, but I’m far from a lady. lol.. so I was told again this morning.

  4. YEs, that’s right. I’m the hotass in the middle.. lol GAG.. and missys are for sissy’s.. and you know I kick ass.

  5. That photo reminds me of a game they call “pin the tail on the only non Dutch person” lol

  6. Laurs, I’ve already told you… keep the coy grin, it’s working for you.

    And keep up this witty banter guys… it’s all very entertaining.

  7. I know all thos lovely ladies in that photo :) Tammy’s awsum I love her. How do you know her?

  8. You have to understand that to be truly subtle, you have to have others believe you’re not subtle.

    But I wasn’t trying to be, in any case :)


  9. Because when our entire lives are on the internet, it’s interesting to go back and see what we were like a year ago :)


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