We Forgot The Kettle

We forgot the kettle again. We act
like it’s the first time but it’s not.
It’s a pattern. But how
not to forget things?

I could write a few things down. But I
won’t because I don’t have the time.
Too much work, I say, scurrying
after forgotten things.

They scuttle under furniture. They have
minds of their own, stolen from mine,
the parts that remember the
important stuff.

So now I remember: This video about
Wes Anderson and bilateral symmetry.
What do the letters ECG stand for.
The many side-projects of Efrim Menuck.

And not: Did I turn off the stove.
What is the new PIN for my debit card.
Has the grass been watered or mowed.

Are you standing in a rainshower
waiting for me to say something
that has grown legs and hidden
behind the refrigerator.